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I Miss The Oldies

Double tap right ear. “Siri, change the volume to 70%”

Siri changes the volume on my iPhone to 70% as expected.

I was listening to Apple Music on my phone streamed to my AirPods, and it was at the point where Bobby Hatfield starting belting out those lyrics to “Unchained Melody”.

You know that one... “I neeeeed your love. God speed your love, tooooo meeeee.”

Some might call me an Apple fanboy, I say nay. I’m a fanboy of stuff that works.

You know what works? The oldies. The freaking oldies. Bring them the frig back. Bring back that darn loving feeling will you?

I do love that I can paint trim in my house for 2 hours while streaming my favorites songs and quickly make adjustments by voice. I mean, what a time to be alive.

I have a problem with the music of today.

Gosh that makes me sound so old. I remember my father having the same sentiment when I was a teenager listening to MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice. (Ok, I know, that’s really not a great example here because in reality Ice was horrible then too)

Thank God I grew up in the 90’s so I can still remember my dad’s old record player. I actually didn’t grow up on crap like MC Hammer. My ears had the pleasure of whatever my dad was playing – now considered the “oldies”. I grew up to the best of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’.

Geesh, this is sounding like one of those infomercials where they sell you 20 CD’s of Kenny Rogers greatest hits.

Know when to fold them folks.

Back to the point. Music today just isn’t what it used to be. Yes, every generation has complained about the next-gen’s music choice. It’s just real bad now though.

I watched a couple episodes recently of this show called “The Four”. I nearly fought with my wife about the lack of talent of both the contestants AND the judges.

Two of the judges were Puff Daddy (Or P. Diddy or whatever) and DJ Khaled.


“Another One.”
“DH Khaled!”

That’s literally what he’s known for.  Four words. But he sells stuff. And people buy it.

Puff Daddy rode on the coattails of the late, great Biggie Smalls. What was his real mark on music history?

Since the end of the 70’s, there have been very few artists who really broke the rules and were memorable. (Biggie Smalls was actually one of them. If you actually listen to his music, that man was a genius)

I do listen to new music. I listen to a lot of country these days. (Yes, my love, you introduced me to country music.)

One artist I discovered a couple years back and I highly recommend is Chris Stapleton.

He has what almost every artist is missing today - POWERFUL VOCALS.

No Auto-Tunes. No Synths. No 57 different instruments. No flashy dancers. No funny stage names. No BS.

Just pure vocal talent.

I can listen to his first studio album “Traveller” all day. Thank goodness it’s on mp3, because I would have worn that tape out by now. I’ve listened to that album probably 20 times now.

It’s tough to say what my favorite song off that album is, because, they’re all amazing. (I mean, it only won 7 awards including multiple “Best Albums”)

Overall though, artists today just don’t have the same vocals like they used to. The bigger question would be why.

Is it because people today prefer a dramatic entertainer more than just a good listen?

Music evokes emotion. Music transports you.

It can transport you back to a happy place. A sad place. A hurtful place. Any place.

An entertainer can entertain you until his act is done.

(Raise your hand if you listen to “Unchained Melody” and get taken back to that scene in “Ghost”)

Alas, music just doesn’t do that anymore.

If you want to see what I was listening to earlier tonight, I’m pasting my fav’s from my recent history:

Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison

Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Van Morrison - Crazy Love

Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers

Cupid - Sam Cooke

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles

Love Hurts - Roy Orbison

The Tracks of my Tears - Smokey Robinson

I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos

Seven Letters - Ben E. King

At This Moment - Billy Vera & The Beaters

In The Ghetto - Elvis Presley

Just One Look - Doris Troy

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