New Bern Eats On The Street

New Bern

As North Carolina entered Phase 2 of the reopening plan, New Bern was ready to engage.

Part of Middle St and Pollock St in Downtown New Bern were closed to traffic as of 5:00 PM Friday May 22, 2020 until 11:00 PM.

This will be happening each Friday and Saturday evening during the Phase 2 plan.

If you spoke with anyone that was entertaining themselves, it was like a breathe of fresh air - literally.

A very common phrase was "We should do this more often like this."

Perhaps this WILL be a regular downtown feature!

Below are some selected photos and a full gallery at the bottom.

This very adorable dog in a backpack that hangs out as her owner pedals down the street.
Find their Instagram account at a.dor.a.belle
A new couple has their first date - Ina Lane Thomas and Aaron Badis

Inside Cyprus Hall

Local Downtown salon owner Laura and Trey McGovern and Baby Anna
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New Bern