Yes! schedule my meeting!
(Details about service are below the calendar)

Let's give your strategy a kick in the butt!

Before we meet, I will:

  • Do a thorough analysis of your current business
  • Compare your competition and inspiration accounts
  • Prepare initial recommendations

During our meeting we will:

  • Pour coffee and chat
  • Review your current content
  • Review your inspired or competitive accounts
  • Discuss your recommended content strategy
  • Answer any additional questions you have

After our meeting:

  • You will get a recap document to save
  • I will check in with you after 7 days
  • You will have about 15 minutes to discuss any challenges or wins

You can schedule additional sessions with me for a reduced rate of $100/one hour session.

We can meet monthly, or more frequently according to your budget and schedule

I offer a discount for weekly clients if you are interested in having that much coffee with me.

Meeting Place:

If you are local, we will meet in my New Bern office only. (After you successfully book, the next page will have an address and directions)

If you are not local, we will use a web conference/screen share to conduct.

FAQ's about booking a strategy call

How do we meet?
In both my client's and my own personal experience, I've found it best to meet in my office, which is located in New Bern, NC. Meeting at the client location often brings its own distractions between partners, employees, or just your day-to-day activities.

If you're not within driving distance, then we'll just talk on the phone and/or use a web conference.

If you'd prefer to meet at your location and/or have me there longer than 20 minutes, perhaps you want to book a paid 1-hour consultation.

Please be sure to indicate in the booking form if we are meeting at my office or just a phone call.
If we are meeting in-office, the address is 317 Pollock St, New Bern (Second floor, Suite 3).

Don't worry, this will all be emailed to you!
How long does it take to build a website?
Not long at all. Rocket websites can be up in less than two weeks.
Custom websites are around the 6 week mark. And e-commerce sites are around 4 weeks.

We are efficient at designing websites. Time is money.
What does a website cost?
We try to be as transparent as possible, but it depends on your needs. Here's a few things we can tell you so you can get an idea:

• If you're looking for a quick turnaround site that's focused on maybe 5-8 pages of content, we get this done for a $499 one time setup fee and $39/mo – which will include your website hosting, instant lead notifications,  and phone/email support.

• If you're looking for a custom, unique website with more functionality, a custom website would start at $2,000.
Why would you need a custom website? If you plan to update your website regularly with quality content such as events, news, blogs, videos, photos, completed projects, testimonials, services, or really anything that you will update regularly. A custom website would offer a custom database which allows you to very quickly add or edit content to your website.

We can discuss your specific needs during our strategy call.
How do I pay you?
The first 20-minute consultation is complementary. If you are looking for an appointment that might require more time or you have many questions about how the internet works, then you can book a paid 1-hour consultation.
What is your fee schedule like?
– If we're planning a one-time project, then the terms are a 50% deposit to start the work and a 50% deposit payable in 30 days, regardless of the progress.
– If we're working on a monthly retainer, payment is made monthly.
Will my website have a #1 ranking on Google?
The short answer is Google uses about 100 ranking signals when a search query is made. We design our websites to meet several standards in search engine optimization (SEO), but Google looks at many factors other than your website.

A Local SEO plan is highly recommended which provides a comprehensive approach to getting found online.
Who actually designs my website?
I do! If you’re paying me to design it, then I’m actually designing it.
I think I need features like live chat or scheduling, are those included?
When you see those live chat bubbles on websites including this one, they are served from another app. I am very knowledgeable however with all of them! I can recommend the right 3rd party solution for things like: live chat, online scheduling, email marketing and more.
I don’t know what to put on my website can you help?
I’ll send you a website intake form which asks you to fill out a few short questions. That’s usually enough for me to work with. However if you’re really stuck I can recommend working with a copywriter to nail down the words that go on the page.
I don’t have (m)any photos
We can get photos one of two ways:

1) I’m also a photographer by trade so I can take original photographs for your website, if you’re local. My photography rates are very reasonable

2) If you’re not local, or photography is out of the budget, we can source some stock photos. I do not use photos from Google however. I get all of my photos from a pro stock site, they are $10/each. While there is a cost, they are typically a unique photo that you won’t find already and much more affordable than having original photography done.
I don’t have a logo, will you make one for me?
Sure thing. If you don’t have any logo, we can select a nice font for your website to display your company name.If you would like your own professional logo designed, I can design one for $100 which will include a few mockups and a few changes to one of those mockups. You’ll love it!
How do the payments work?
If you’re getting started with a rocket website, you’ll pay the first month and any platform fee today. If you’re interested in a custom website design, first get a quote, and then 50% of the project will be due on acceptance and then 50% in 30 days.
Who do you work with?
I like to work with SMB’s that love frequent communication and are mutually respectful of time.
What types of businesses do you work with?

My specialty is in local businesses and service based pros. For example:

  • Retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors/Dentists
  • Professional services
  • Contractors
What’s included with a rocket site?
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Click to call buttons
  • Easy drag drop editor
  • Ssl
  • Monthly reporting
  • Lead generation forms
  • Instant alerts for new leads
  • Coupons
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Blogging platform
  • Social media integration