(Details about service are below the calendar)

Let's give your content strategy a kick in the butt!

**NOTE: Service price dropped to $125 through April 30, 2020**

Before we meet, I will:

  • Do a thorough analysis of your current content
  • Compare your competition OR inspiration accounts
  • Prepare initial recommendations

During our meeting we will:

  • Pour coffee and chat
  • Review your current content
  • Review your inspired or competitive accounts
  • Discuss your recommended content strategy
  • Answer any additional questions you have

After our meeting:

  • You will get a recap document to save
  • I will check in with you after 7 days
  • You will have about 15 minutes to discuss any challenges or wins

You can schedule additional sessions with me for a reduced rate of $75/one hour session.

We can meet monthly, or more frequently according to your budget and schedule

I offer a discount for weekly clients if you are interested in having that much coffee with me.

Meeting Place:

If you are local, we will meet in my New Bern office only. (After you successfully book, the next page will have an address and directions)

If you are not local, we will use a web conference/screen share to conduct.