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Pay per click advertising has become more important than ever for any business looking to increase its monthly lead generation. In the pay per click world, Google is the dominant search engine. With more and more businesses bidding though, it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively manage both your monthly media spend and your conversion rate optimization.Through a thorough research of your business and your competition, we will create a pay per click strategy that combines your best keywords, compelling ads, and landing pages designed to convert. We're transparent about the results too. After an initial three-month commitment to your campaign, if you're not getting the results you were looking for – you can fire us.

Epic Landing Pages Designed To Convert

There are three factors that will affect your cost per click when using Google AdWords. Among them are your overall bid for that keyword, how relevant the ad is written, and how relevant the final (landing) webpage is to the key phrase being searched. If you're attempting pay per click on your own, and not getting great results (be honest), it's probably because of your landing page.Even poorly written ads or mismanaged media budgets will still get clicked. Clicks ≠ Leads. When someone clicks on your ad, it better be to convert them into a lead. Otherwise, what are you spending all this money for. Most DIY'ers will send all of their ads to the homepage. Even worse, some pay per click agencies will do the same. Run.Bear City Impact manages your entire pay per click campaign, right down to the landing page. There's many choices when it comes to landing pages. The simplest option is to use your existing website design software and create at least one new page for your campaign. Other options can include using software that's made for designing landing pages. We work with you to decide which option is the best for you.Then we design your landing page, create the ad copy to go with it, test it, run it, and then measure its performance.


Text Ads

Text ads are the first four results that display on any search result page, above the map listings and top ten websites. Text ads are highly customizable and link directly to your landing page.

Display Ads

Display ads through Google Display Network are highly targeted toward your ideal customer. They can appear alongside news articles that are highly relevant to your message.


Yes – these are the ads that follow you around the internet. Let's face it, even with the best of landing pages, not everyone gets in touch right away. A retargeting campaign will get them back for a second chance.

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Our team is well versed in all of Google's small business services. Don't believe the hype – getting found on Google is possible.


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