Facebook Advertising


Successful Facebook advertising is 50% the correct message and 50% the right audience.

The reason most Facebook ads fail is you are delivering the wrong (or crappy) message to the wrong audience. When you advertise on Facebook, you are interrupting someone's entertainment time.

That's why people go on Facebook for hours a day – to be entertained.

So when you show them a crappy bad ad, they're not going to respond. Actually they will respond – by tapping the ad button and telling Facebook it wasn't relevant to them. Delivering the wrong message to the wrong person drives your ad costs UP.

I will help you get your pixel nice and healthy, setup a campaign designed to convert, target the right audience with the right ad.

Below you will find my affordable Facebook Advertising pricing. Note, only your campaign setup is required. Although, if you don't have a well performing website or email autoresponder setup, I would recommend those options as well. If you already have Mailchimp or equivalent, I can use that – otherwise I will set you up with ActiveCampaign, my preferred partner.


Facebook Ad Campaign Setup: $300 (Objective, Targeting, and Ad with A/B testing)

Funnel System: $300 per 2-step funnel (Opt-in page + Thank You page)

Auto-responder: $200 per drip + cost of software

Brad, Fix My Ads