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Brad did a wonderful job on my restaurants website. He worked around my busy schedule, came in to take great photos of our food and had our website up and running in a quick, timely manner. He was also extremely helpful and knowledgeable when he taught me how to edit the site. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their website.

Alanna Aylward



Halftime Pub & Grub

Retail Business Marketing

As a small business owner, you're aware of the every day struggles to just get more foot traffic.

Plus, it's a battle to get employees motivated today so that you can increase sales, even when you do have the traffic.

While the world is talking about eCommerce, you know that brick and mortar is still king. In fact, did you know that eCommerce sales in the US total 9.4% of all retail sales?

You can be more than just hopeful about growing your local business shop. You can be confident when you work with Bear City Impact.

My background is retail. From the time I had my first job at 16 until I left retail in 2013, I put in 15 years of retail, 12 of them were at Best Buy, one of the largest electronic retailers in the world.

I can help you get more customers into your store, and I can help your employees close more sales.

You'll get help for getting found on Google, managing your online reputation, and attracting new customers. Do you already have a great client base but struggling to increase their frequency of purchasing? I can help you with that too.

Your problems might seem unique to you, but in reality, I have probably tackled them before.

Maybe now is the old kick in the butt you and your team need.

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New Village Brewery

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Halftime Pub & Grub

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Retail Business


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