Affordable Website Design


How Much Does A Website Cost?

(Much Lower Than You Probably Think)

Bear City Impact offers three distinct types of websites:

No More Surprise Maintenance Fees

All three of our website design options come with a robust content management system, or a CMS. A great CMS is the heart and soul of any website. It is where you add new content, remove content, optimize your website for search engines, backup your site, and more.

And guess what? You get access to all of that. We're kind of like Oz, sans the wizard. We don't hold anything back from you. In seconds, you can perform your own website backups, add new photos or videos, make edits to the content on your website, and more.

Whats even better is that we'll be with you the whole way. When you're on our Rocket Website program, if you do need some assistance, just book a complimentary call with us. There's no charge for us to guide you along the way. That's what we're here for (and what you're paying us for)