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Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern at a North Carolina Marketing Agency

Published on
May 31, 2024


Landing an internship is a huge deal, whether you’re working for a well renowned corporation, or a really cool north carolina marketing agency in your hometown (wink..wink). Everyone goes into their first internship with different expectations of how they must present themselves and the types of things that’ll be asked of them once on-site. 

Before I started my very first internship, I envisioned that I would be running around town grabbing my boss a coffee or quietly taking notes in a corner during a highly important business meeting like the movies. Boy was I wrong! That’s not to say these kinds of things don’t happen in real life. For me though, there was so much in store for my time working as a digital marketing intern. I now share with you, my day in the life as a Digital Marketing Intern at Bear City Impact.

Getting Ready

I start my mornings off just about how anyone else would. I brush my teeth, do my skincare, and eat a hearty breakfast to fuel me throughout the day. My work outfits are planned out the night before, so I’m never in a scramble to find something to wear. The Bear City Impact isn’t too picky on dress codes, so I have full reigns of what I’m allowed to wear (but bonus points if its company merch). My go-to fit is a nice mom jean with a crew neck tee or sweater (because the office can get very chilly)! Once I’m done getting ready, I grab my laptop and keys, and I’m out the door. 


Work travel time doesn’t exist for me, as my hours lay right when most people are already at work. I cruise through the roads with my highway playlist titled “Vroom Vroom” and jam out to my favorite songs as I’m headed downtown. When I make it to the workplace parking lot, I do a last minute check-up to make sure I have everything I need, and head into the office.

I feel a great sense of belonging when I tag along with my team and get to hear such great perspectives

Daily Adventures

What I love so much about interning at the Bear City Impact is that no work day is the same. One day I may be assisting the operations manager by generating creative content ideas, while other days I’m vlogging trips my boss takes for photoshoots. My personal favorite is sitting in on meetings with clients about their marketing needs. I feel a great sense of belonging when I tag along with my team and get to hear such great perspectives. Sharing my suggestions is always a plus!


When lunchtime rolls around, I simply get my lunchbox and eat my food at my desk. Some days I may be so invested in what I’m doing that I forget I packed a lunch, but eventually I get to it! Sometimes my boss will bring back food from a photoshoot or buy the team donuts (which we always appreciate :) 

Wrapping Up The Day

The Bear City Impact has such a comfortable and warming work environment, that I lose track of time and then… it’s time for me to go home. I make sure to wrap up the last task I was working on before I head out of the office, but not before saying goodbye to everyone inside. Once that’s done, I’m headed home until I work again. Nothing beats a great day of interning at the Bear City Impact. 

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