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Content Marketing with Charles Tendell – Bear City Beat S1 E1

I sat down with master content creator Charles Tendell who runs a podcast recording studio, hosts his own show New Bern Live, and is an Ethical Hacker. We break down the barriers of creating your own content, specifically video content – just like what you're watching!

Commenting On The Worst Stock Photos

The corporate superhero, the friendly customer service person, the high fiving employees... You've all seen terrible uses of stock photos. Today, I'm calling them out +PLUS+ I'm giving you three tips on how to make better use of stock photography.

How To Save 80% On Your Printer Ink Replacement

Do you hate spending $70, $100, $150 every time you need a replacement set of ink cartridges for your printer?Me too !I recently found out about HP Instant Ink. It is a game changer for ink replacement.

5 Web Design Trends To Boost Conversions in 2019

Do you want to know what’s coming up in 2019 for Web Design trends? What if these trends could help you improve conversions on your website? Well stick around because I’m going to break down all of the 2019 Web Design Trends that will boost conversions

Best Budget iPhone Video Setup under $110

If you want to get great looking video for your business, and you don't want to break the bank – I have a great setup for you. In this video I'm showing you the four things you need for an affordable iPhone video setup for your business.

Make Instagram Highlight Covers Free

Considering that over 400 millions Instagram users are viewing Stories, DAILY, your content plan definitely needs to include Instagram Stories. Let’s put that another way – 80% of Instagram users watch stories. Think of stories as another medium inside Instagram to reach your audience. Here's how to create awesome covers for your Instagram stories – for free!

Why Your Website Isn't Converting

Newsflash: Your website probably isn't doing anything for your business. Here's why.