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Instagram & Facebook Strategies That Just Work

Right now, you're here for at least one of these reasons:

  • You don't have the time to develop a social media strategy
  • You have no idea what to post on social
  • You're still figuring out that "pixel" and what to do with it
  • You're getting nada for engagement

I've got good news and I've got bad news for you: The bad news is, unless you do something about it now – your business is going to fall way behind this year. The good news is, I've helped others just like you fix their social media strategy AND get new customers.

Winning on social media is all about Attracting the right audience, Engaging with your community, and Converting that community into your best customers.


Are you making it easy for your audience to discover you? Are you creating an engaged community? Lastly, are YOU engaging with your community?

Knowing how to use the right content tools that Instagram offers will give you an edge over your competition.

If you're sharing posts that get ZERO engagement (no comments, only a few likes, no saves, no shares) – then your business needs a custom Instagram strategy plan.


Stuck on creating exciting content for your Insta? Putting in a lot of work but not getting the engagement you deserve?

Hello, we're here.

After we develop your custom Instagram strategy, we'll put all of the pieces into play for you. Your brand will have increased exposure in front of an engaged audience – that WANTS to buy your product. We'll both create unique content and curate content that matches your brand's personality. Your Instagram content will also be posted to your Facebook page.

A done for you Instagram Management includes:

  • Introductory call where we discuss the content we will produce, what we will actually deliver, your intended audience and your goals.
  • 5 Instagram posts per week including one video per month
  • Graphic design, content curation and creation
  • Location tags, relevant account tagging, engaging captions, and use of your hashtag sets.
  • Daily engagement on targeted user accounts and hashtags, and responding to your posts comments.
  • Weekly Instagram reporting


Successful Facebook advertising is 50% the correct message and 50% the right audience.

The reason most Facebook ads fail is you are delivering the wrong (or crappy) message to the wrong audience. When you advertise on Facebook, you are interrupting someone's entertainment time.

That's why people go on Facebook for hours a day – to be entertained.

So when you show them a crappy bad ad, they're not going to respond. Actually they will respond – by tapping the ad button and telling Facebook it wasn't relevant to them. Delivering the wrong message to the wrong person drives your ad costs UP.

I will help you get your pixel nice and healthy, setup a campaign designed to convert, target the right audience with the right ad.

You Have Questions

I'd Like To Answer Them

Most questions can be answered from our FAQ's right below. However if you have a question that's not listed here, I'd love to chat with you. Use the schedule button to pick a time that works for you.

Who do you work with?
I like to work with SMB’s that love frequent communication and are mutually respectful of time.
How long does it take to build a website?
Not long at all. Most websites can be built within 4 weeks time. Custom websites are around the 8 week mark. And e-commerce sites are around 4-8 weeks depending on the amount of implentation.
We are efficient at designing websites. Time is money.
Do you use templates?
We use professionally designed themes that are designed to reach your conversion and SEO goals, and allows us to build websites at scale. A custom content heavy website however typically starts from a blank slate and is uniquely drawn out.
Do you host the website?
Yes. All of our website plans include fast hosting with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited pages, unlimited backups, and an SSL certificate.
After my website is complete, who updates it?
That’s the best part, you do! I’m not a hostage negotiator, you’ll have free reign over your website. Support is included though so you’ll never feel stuck. Before or shortly after your website is launched, we will meet with you to show exactly how you can update it on your own easily. You’ll have access to a growing library of training videos and help documents.
Will my website be listed on Google?
Yes. All of our websites are indexed by Google, meaning Google “sees” you have a website. However I highly recommend an SEO plan if you are in a competitive market.
Will my website have a #1 ranking on Google?
The short answer is Google used about 100 ranking signals when a search query is made. We design our websites to meet several standards in search engine opt (SEO), but Google looks at many factors other than your website. A Local SEO plan is recommended which provides a comprehensive approach to getting found online.
I think I need features like live chat or scheduling, are those included?
When you see those live chat bubbles on websites including this one, they are served from another app. We are very knowledgeable however with all of them! We can recommend the right 3rd party solution for things like: live chat, online scheduling, email marketing and more.
I don’t know what to put on my website can you help?
We’ll send you a website intake form which asks you to fill out a few short questions. That’s usually enough for me to work with. However if you’re really stuck, we can recommend working with a copywriter to nail down the words that go on the page.
I don’t have (m)any photos
We are skilled in photography and videography. We have produced successful photography and videography campaigns that work great on your website, social media, and anywhere else they can be distributed.
I don’t have a logo, will you make one for me?
Sure thing. If you don’t have any logo, we can select a nice font for your website to display your company name. If you would like your own professional logo designed, we can help connect you with some trusted graphic designers.
How do the payments work?
We will generate an invoice for your entire project, once quoted.
A 50% deposit is due upon accepting.
The remainder is due in 30 days or when the website is launched, whichever comes first.

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