Fashion Designer Grows Subscription Box Monthly Revenue

Achieved 3.48 ROAS generating $1,543 of MRR.

The Problem

The owner of Audra Style wanted to boost their subscription box sales.

For as little as $22.50/mo, you can get a uniquely designed set of earrings each month - almost half the cost of the everyday styles.

Sales of the subscription box had been growing, slow but steady.

Their current marketing strategy was to design and create the unique earring, take a few photos, and then post on social media. Occasionally they would boost the post.

The solution

We created a three fold ad strategy.

First we identified a few different audiences that this would be appealing to.

Second, we created a fashion video that would easily explain what the subscription box is and how it works.

Third, we setup a creative ad campaign on Facebook and YouTube.

The campaign is one of our favorites. We actually setup two campaigns.

  • The first campaign is to garner video views only. We just want to build a library of people that have viewed the fashion sales video
  • Secondly, we created a retargeting campaign. We showed a sales-focused advertisement to anyone who watched the previous video. In effect, we are selling to a warm audience now.

the results

Through pixel tracking, we achieved 30 new signups in just a one week period following the ad launch.

Total revenue in the first week was $1,543 for an ad spend of $444, which is convertible as monthly recurring revenue.

An expected $18,000 sales lift for the first year.


Boosting posts will only get you so far. When you boost a post on Facebook, you're simply just making it a billboard - essentially showing it to everyone without an objective.

The real power of paid social advertising is to not only target your ad, but place objectives.

This way you can let the (not so) mysterious algorithms do their job in finding users that are likely to meet your objectives.

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