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The best LIVE Stream Software for Mac OSX

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March 24, 2020

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This is the 2nd app of three that I use DAILY, although this one I use about every other day. In this video I breakdown 5 ways that I use this program and show some examples.

Here it is in case it is TL;DW:

1) Scheduling Live Streams - Each week I schedule the live stream for The Morning Impact by using Ecamm Network. This way, it gets posted to Facebook as a preview post, alerting my audience of the new episode, and also alerts my guest so that they can start a watch party!

2) Broadcast Studio - Hands down this is the way to live stream if you have more than yourself on camera. Ecamm let's me hook up multiple camera sources, and then my buddy Dave is on the switcher changing the cameras based on who is talking - JUST LIKE IN A REAL TV STUDIO! This stops the boring one camera angle. Also, I can add in things like titles, overlays, and logos.

3) DSLR Recorder - I record directly from my camera to Ecamm when doing talking head videos, like this one you are watching. This is because Canon is a memory hog when it comes to 4K recording. For reference, for the same 7 minutes of footage, my Canon will store it as 25GB whereas Ecamm records it at 800MB... I dont know about you, but I don't notice the compression when watching on a PHONE (Like 99% of everyone does)

4) Screen Recordings - I also use this sometimes to create tutorials on my computer, where I record my screen and what I am doing, and then can also have a little camera bubble in the corner.

5) Green Screen - This is less common, but has been neat to do. I had a demonstration table at a recent career day for @cravencountyschools, and we made 15 second career videos for the 9th grade students. I set up a green screen, and then had 9 pre-made backgrounds to superimpose the students into! It was a blast!

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