How To Market A Catering Company

Published on
August 28, 2020

Below is the original LIVE Video from Instagram, but you can scroll past for the written notes.

Instagram Authenticity Measures

  • STOP using bots, automated crap, automated messages.
  • Instagram and more importantly USERS hate that stuff

Instagram Launches Reels

  • Consumed or Created?
  • Par-baked version of TikTok
  • Clunky to create
  • I see more people just copying a TikTok video over to Reels

Podcast Stats for 2020

  • Why start a podcast today?
  • 1. Of the 1Mill podcasts on iTunes, only 250K have been updated in past 3 months!
  • 2. Interview guests, and increase the exposure
  • 3. Can create additional content from it

Lead Conversion Stats from Convince & Convert

  • 41% say video is more effective at CONVERTING
  • 36% webinars, 34% blog, 20% ebooks
  • Dollars are shifting to social media and website improvement
  • 54% social, 51% website, 44% email, 40% content
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