Five Features Your Website Homepage Should Have

Published on
October 5, 2020

You may have noticed how many of the elements on your favorite websites' homepages look quite similar. Well, that is the drill! They are, by no means a mere coincidence but a deliberate choice. This is because a website homepage serves as the first impression and is the ultimate key to the site's success and visitor retention. Hence, it should contain all the essential elements. Your favorite site follows similar rules.

It is very important that your homepage, within a couple of seconds, delivers concise information about your product or service. Using this technique, you grab visitors’ attention.

If you are wondering what top features make a homepage effective, keep reading to find out.

Straightforward navigation

Besides the logo, the next element on your priority list should be to-the-point navigation. To put it simply, the site should always have a search tab if the website is highly content-driven. Considering that navigation serves as a guideline or road map, it should be easy and not a hassle to locate. In addition to this, try and have descriptive navigation as it proves to be beneficial when it comes to reducing bounce rates.


Ever since technology has taken over, attention spans have greatly reduced. Therefore, while designing your site's homepage, make sure it is able to leave an impact and tell what you offer within a couple of seconds.

This is where a headline comes handy! A headline, coupled with a sub-headline, should be able to describe your business and its offerings clearly. You should be able to wrap up everything in 2-3 powerful sentences.


Nowadays, people care about visuals and aesthetics.

A photo that demonstrates how users can benefit from your product is always better than a stationary photo. Our brains are wired in a way that we automatically feel a connection when we see a human face. Moreover, visuals, as in photos, add credibility to a site and give it a unique appeal.

Call to Action or CTA

An effective homepage is one that instantly piques customers’ interests and compels them to dig deeper into the site. To make this possible, it is important to include a hooking call to action (CTA) as it can really draw visitors to the interior pages and initiate some sort of contact. Make sure these CTAs are easy to click so that visitors feel like investing their time and exploring your site.


Your main goal is to make sure your visitors leave with a sense of familiarity; you’re your product or service. Hence, it is important to give your logo placement a major thought. A logo is a direct representation of your brand, product, or service and core values. This is why you should always place it at the top where it is visible. This will allow you to form a bond with customers. Moreover, the logo on a website is often a direct link to the homepage. So, naturally, you should place it in the header for ease and convenience.

By the way, it is no mistake the logo was placed last in this list. As in, this is the least important part of your homepage. It should most certainly include a logo, but the focus should be on user experience (navigation) and conversion (headline, visuals and CTA).

What's On Your Homepage?

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