5 Web Design Trends To Boost Conversions in 2019

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January 30, 2019

Do you want to know what’s coming up in 2019 for Web Design trends?

What if these trends could help you improve conversions on your website?

Well stick around because I’m going to break down all of the 2019 Web Design Trends that will boost conversions

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Trends come and go with any industry. There’s no shortage of trends in web design. Knowing what trending in web design for conversions though, will help your website do its main job: Convert visitors into buyers (or leads).

If you’re in eCommerce, you want people to BUY your product, not just window shop it.

If you’re in a service business, you want your visitors to take action and make an inquiry.

If you’re a local business, like a retail store or restaurant, you want people to visit your location or call you, etc.

Trends come and go with any industry. There’s no shortage of trends in web design. Knowing what trending in web design for conversions though, will help your website do its main job: Convert visitors into buyers (or leads).

So here are my FIVE web design trends that will boost your conversions in 2019.

1. Live Chat / Chat Bots

As customers become more independent in their shopping, they are looking for quick, instant answers to their questions – and they don’t want to call in for this. Part of this is due to a history of high-pressure sales teams you meet on the phone. Live chat gives your visitor the control they desire while having accurate information at their fingertips.

You don’t always need to be available to interact either Most live chat apps allow for a chat bot to be easily created.

Based on a series of pre-triggered questions, it will lead your visitor to the right place

With the option of being alerted if the visitor is looking for a live person. Matter of fact, let me know in the comments if you have used a live chat box on a website you were browsing. I’ll also leave my go to live chat app I recommend to all of my clients.

2. Website Personalization

Interestingly, this isn’t all that new of a feature. I’ve been using this on client sites for several years now. Personalized content is becoming more readily available to anyone. Let’s say you’re a restaurant. If you’re using my Rocket Website platform, you can display an offer on your homepage that will ONLY show on Tuesdays between 2pm and 9pm and display your Taco Tuesday offer.

So think about that power. You have someone around 4pm on a Tuesday getting hungry at work. He visits your website and instead of having to search around for your specials or your menu, your website auto-magically displays your Taco Tuesday offer.

Or let’s say you’re a plumber who offers 24-hour service. You get someone on your website at 11pm. Trust me, they’re not reading your about page at that hour. They need IMMEDIATE HELP. Your Rocket Website will change the homepage content to let them know you offer 24 hour service and will show your after hours number to call for immediate help.

3. Multi-step Forms

Next up we have multi-step form. There are usually two types of lead forms on a website.

  • The short and sweet form that asks for name, email, phone and a message
  • The super long form that makes you feel like you’re buying a house

A multi-step form takes the benefit of the long form while visually appearing short and sweet. Let me explain. What you’re doing is breaking up all of your lead questions into big chunks.

We’re looking for micro conversions\

For instance, if you’re a contractor, ask for their zip code first and only their zip code. Having someone presented with a form that’s only asking for their zip code is a super low barrier for them. You have to remember, people are just more skeptical now than ever before. They’re reluctant to enter in their personal info. A zip code is hardly personal.

Once they enter their zip code, you can get the next micro-conversion.

This might be what style kitchen they’re looking for, how old their house is. Then on the third step, you can ask them for their personal information

You’re basically asking all of the questions in reverse from the way you normally would. By the tie they get to the third step and you’re asking for their name, email etc - they’ve already mentally committed 66% of the way !

Micro-conversions for the WIN.

4. Brand videos

If content is king, then video is the queen. We already know video is so hot right now.

I have used videos on websites in a few ways. Sometimes by way of testimonial videos from clients, in other cases creating explainer style videos that feature animated graphics. Consumers are not reading those fancy “about us” pages anymore. Instead, they’re looking to discover companies by way of their brand video.

What’s a brand video?

It’s your moment to really shine and give a GREAT first impression.

Think of it as your best marketing employee and your best salesperson all wrapped up into one video. The best part is, since it’s the same video shown to each visitor, you maintain a consistent message EVERY time for your brand. YouTuber Amanda Horvath has a great tutorial on creating your own Brand video. I’ll link it up in the cards.

5. Triggered Opt-In Boxes

Last but not least are triggered opt-in boxes. NO, these are not your cousin’s pop-up box that hits you in the face soon as you enter a website. Tell me in the comments if you hate pop-up boxes or not.

These are targeted opt-in boxes that only appear at certain times or based on visitor behaviors.

The most effective targeting option I’ve found is an “exit intent”. Most opt-in tools will detect when a visitor is about to leave a website. Based on this movement, it will trigger the pop-up. Or, it can trigger a different type of box - either way, asking the visitor to perform an action before leaving.

Another powerful targeting option is scroll depth. You might discover through a heat map tool that your visitors leave your blog page or product page after they’ve gone only 55% of the page’s depth. Set an opt-in box to scroll in from the bottom at 45%. This way your visitors will see your offer before they ever get to the point of leaving.

You can also have a notification bar drop down if someone RETURNS to your site and display a “welcome back” offer.

All of this actually stems from the personalization trend, but now we’re taking these targeting options and presenting a highly desirable offer to that visitor.

I recommend everyone use Convertful, a super easy opt-in tool. I use it on many of my client sites. One of them is an e-commerce brand and we get anywhere from 5-8% email conversions from our targeted boxes.

Might not seem like a lot, but on average, eCommerce only converts 2% of their traffic into sales.

These email subscribers are automatically sent a coupon in which they can redeem right away.

On a recent campaign for this same client, we achieved a 64% email open rate and gained $252 in revenue.

I hope you found these 5 web design trends helpful to your conversion goals.


Which of these 5 web design trends are you most excited to try out on your website?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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