Why Your Website Isn't Converting

Website Design

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My #1 app for capturing more emails on your website.

Video Transcript:

Sorry not sorry to be so harsh, but we need to talk. Your 'pretty' website, you know, the one with the cool *ish your web designer did for you? Pretty doesn't sell.

You know what sells?

W O R D S.

😳 Here's something your web designer won't tell you – the beautiful big images and cool things like background video mean jack squat for conversion.

Pictures tell, stories sell.

Now, with enough traffic, even the worst converting websites will bring in new leads.

What if you could bring in SOME traffic, but capture more leads, generate more sales, and grow your business.

That's what copywriting will do for you.

I know, copywriting is tough. It sucks if words don't come naturally to you.

In case you didn't know, I was born with the gift of gab, not words.

HERE'S one quick tip on how to get better with your copywriting: Just talk to yourself in the mirror as if you were selling your product/service. Record it, write it down.

That's your starting copy.

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Website Design


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