How To Upload IGTV Videos Widescreen Horizontal in 2019


On May 23rd Instagram announced that they are now supporting horizontal video for igtv

Here’s the problem – when you upload a horizontal video to IGTV, still today, it automatically crops it for a vertical video.

So how exactly do you upload a horizontal video to IGTV natively without having to do that weird move it sideways trick in your editing software.

First let's talk about why Instagram has to be so difficult with everything they do.

When I went to the IGTV app I went to uploaded a horizontal video and it still cropped it in the portrait mode. I said well maybe it was just for a preview, but it actually posted it that way! It was still in portrait crop.

But then I cracked the code. I figured out how to upload a video to IGTV horizontally without having to turn the whole video sideways.

This is how you upload a video horizontally natively to IGTV without any weird trick and I'll show you exactly how to do that looks just jump onto the computer.




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